Sehan University – Top 1% in Jeollanam

Sehan University - Top 1% School in Jeollanam

Sehan University – Top 1% in Jeollanam

Sehan University is one of the top 1% with excellent graduate employability in Korea. So what's so special about Sehan University? What majors does the school offer? What is the tuition fee?

1. Basic Information about Sehan University

  • School name: Sehan University (SHU)
  • Korean name:
  • Type: private
  • Year of establishment: 1994
  • Dangjin Campus: 33 Sehandae-gil, Sinpyeong-myeon, Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.
  • Yeongam Campus: 58447 Sehan University, 1113, Green-ro, Samho-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea.

Sehan University - Top 1% School in Jeollanam

Sehan University was founded in 1994 with the original name Daebul University of Technology. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the school was renamed Sehan University in June 6. In March 2012, Sehan University Dangjin Campus and Yeongam Campus opened in Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do.

Sehan University was established under the spirit of Hongik Ingan, contributing to the co-prosperity of mankind and building an ideal democratic society, cultivating intellectual, quality and professional skills is the educational goals.

The educational purpose of Sehan University is to cultivate advanced intelligence and rational thinking ability, and to cultivate democratic citizens with the right spirit and attitude that respects the interests and public order.

By attracting outstanding professors and leveraging the cooperation and support of the local community, Sehan University fosters and produces professional technical personnel who can play a leading role in the process. high degree of industrialization, internationalization and informatization.

Sehan University owns an aviation maintenance technology training institute for aircraft training, aircraft engine training area, avionics electrical and electronic training area, non-destructive testing practice area, practice area welding, training area for navigational information aeronautical equipment (expansion FY22), hangar (expansion FY22).

Currently, Sehan University has a cooperative relationship with 78 leading universities from 14 leading countries and territories in the world such as England, China, Vietnam, etc.

2. Training program

Sehan University - Top 1% School in Jeollanam

2.1. Korean language program

The Korean language program at Sehan University is divided into 6 levels (from beginner to advanced) with a team of experienced instructors in teaching to international students. Students learn all Korean skills from grammar, vocabulary to listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, with special emphasis on communication skills.

2.2. University program

2.2.1. Yeongam Campus

Medical and Health Sector (tuition: 5.976.000 KRW / year)

  • Physical therapy
  • Nursing
  • Audiology and Speech Therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Sports health management
  • Taekwondo

Pedagogy (tuition: 5.976.000 KRW / year)

  • Technical Pedagogy
  • Mathematics Pedagogy
  • Kindergarten Pedagogy
  • Special Education

2.2.1. Dangjin Campus

Security and Fire Prevention Sector

  • Administrative Management Police
  • Fire protection

Aviation sector (tuition: 7.855.000 KRW / year)

  • Air
  • Air Transport Logistics
  • Airline Articles
  • Aviation maintenance
  • Air traffic management

Arts Division (tuition: 6.812.000 KRW/year)

  • Practical music
  • Traditional theater
  • Design
  • Manga and Animation
  • Marine entertainment

Medical and Health Sector (tuition: 5.976.000 KRW / year)

  • Business administration
  • Social welfare consulting room

Information technology sector (6.576.000 KRW/year)

  • Artificial intelligence software

2.3. Graduate program

2.3.1. Masters programs

  • Department of Social Sciences and Humanities: Fire Protection, Education, Business Administration, Police Administration, Aviation Operations/Services, Department of Social Welfare, Korean Language.
  • Department of Natural Sciences: Department of Audiology, Faculty of Nursing, Department of Physiotherapy, Department of Speech and Language Therapy.
  • Department of Arts and Physical Education: Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Music, Faculty of Sports and Entertainment, Faculty of Practical Music, Faculty of Industrial Design.

2.3.2. Doctoral Program

  • Department of Social Sciences and Humanities: Social Welfare, Education, Business Management, Police Management, Aviation Operations/Services.
  • Department of Natural Sciences: Department of Nursing, Department of Physiotherapy.

3. Conditions to study at Sehan . University

Sehan University - Top 1% School in Jeollanam

3.1. For Korean system

  • Education level: at least graduated from high school with a 3-year high school GPA of 3 or higher
  • Does not require TOPIK

3.2. For university system

  • Education level: at least graduated from high school with a 3-year high school GPA of 3 or higher
  • Minimum TOPIK 3

4. Sehan University Scholarship Program

  • 100% tuition fee waiver for semester 1 for students who have one of the following foreign language certificates: TOEIC 900, TOEFL iBT 110, HSK 6, JLPT 1, JPT 660, Korean history level 1.
  • 70% tuition fee waiver for semester 1 for students who have one of the following foreign language certificates: TOEIC 800, TOEFL iBT 100, HSK 5, JLPT 2, JPT 525, Korean history level 2.
  • 50% tuition fee waiver for semester 1 for students who have one of the following foreign language certificates: TOEIC 700, TOEFL iBT 90, HSK 6, JLPT 3, JPT 430, Korean history level 3.

5. Dormitory system at Sehan University

Each room at Sehan University is fully equipped with equipment such as: desk, chair, shoe rack, private bed, high-speed wifi system, air conditioner. Besides, there are many common facilities such as: laundry room, lounge, canteen, reading room, gym,...

5.1. Dormitory at Dangjin Campus

  • Textbook Building 1 (double room): 1.278.000 KRW / term
  • Textbook Building 2 (double room): 1.378.000 KRW / term

5.1. Dormitory at Yeongam campus

  • Mudeung Building (double room): 1.216.200 KRW / term
  • Wang In Haksa Building (double room): 1.216.200 KRW / term
  • Doseonhaksa Building (4 person room): 1.216.200 KRW / term
  • International Court (double room): 1.216.200 KRW / term

6. Must-visit destinations when studying abroad at Sehan University

Sehan University - Top 1% School in Jeollanam

6.1. Boseong Green Tea Field

Boseong is considered the largest tea producer in Korea. Some of the most popular festive events at the Boseong Green Tea Festival are hands-on experiences such as tea leaf picking, tea making and green tea tastings.

Other events such as exhibition & tea sale, and some celebratory performances are also planned during the festival period.

6.2. Suncheonman Bay

Suncheonman Bay National Park was established on a land plot worth ㎢1,12 million to help protect Suncheonman Bay. The garden is home to more than 790.000 trees of 505 species and 3,15 million flowers of 113 different species. The many groups of tulips and royal azaleas are truly a sight to behold.

In addition, the nearby 30.000-square-foot canola flower field blooms in May creating a beautiful yellow "wave". Although there are restaurants in the garden, visitors are allowed to bring food in, making the garden a great spot to picnic under the shade of trees.

6.3. Ocean Park Expo

Expo Ocean Park offers seaside walking paths for strolling along the sea. Guests can also participate in dynamic marine entertainment programs or watch the multimedia BIG-O Show. In addition, the facility provides facilities such as exhibition halls and conference rooms that can host international and small-scale meetings or events.

6.4. Juknokwon

Juknokwon in Damyang is a bamboo forest planted by Damyang town. Seonginsan Mountain behind Damyang Hyanggyo (Confucian school) has been transformed into Juknokwon Bamboo Garden with its beautiful man-made waterfall, pavilion, walking paths and an ecological exhibition center, a popular destination for tourists. traveler.

It takes about an hour to tour the whole garden and take a walk at night, the lights are on in the evening in the bamboo forest.

6.5. Seomjingang Ship Village

Sehan University - Top 1% School in Jeollanam

Since being developed in April 4 as part of a government effort to promote tourism in the area, Seomjingang Ship Village has become a popular attraction in Gokseong. A replica of the area's old steam engine train runs 1999 km between the old Gokseong Station in Seomjingang Train Village and Gajeong Station.

The train runs along the old track at a moderate speed, allowing passengers to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the track.

6.6. Gaudo Island

Gaudo Island is the only inhabited island of the eight islands in Gangjin Man Bay. It used to be part of Daegu-myeon until 8 but later changed to Boam-myeon and is now a part of Doam-myeon since 1789 due to reorganization.

The name comes from its appearance in relation to Mount Boeunsan in Ganjin-eup, which resembles the head of a cow. The entire island resembles a cow (the stick is curved around the cow's neck used to pull agricultural tools) so the island is called Gaudo Island (Chinese character is Ga: Meonge).

From Gaudo Island, Gangjin Man Bay and the uninhabited island can be seen in all directions. Beautiful coastal scenery and diverse natural tourism resources grow here such as silver magnolia, cypress and Japanese black pine. Visitors can walk to the island from the mainland via a suspension bridge.

When arriving at the island, there is a 2,5km long ecological exploration path along the mountains and the coast. In addition, a fishing park with a variety of fish is located in a location where visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of Gangjin Man Bay.

At the top of the island, visitors can enjoy the zip line, an eco-friendly leisure facility, starting at Cheongja Tower (25m high).

6.7. Mihwangsa Temple

Built in the eighth year of King Gyeongdeok of the Silla Dynasty (749), Mihwangsa Temple is located on the western slope of Dalmasan Mountain (489m), named Geumgangsan Mountain of the South Sea. The temple is located at the southernmost point of all the temples in the Korean peninsula.

The beautiful sunsets and the graceful view of Dalmasan Mountain from the temple attract many visitors. The foothills behind the temple blend harmoniously with the properly sized temple, and the appearance of Daeungbojeon Hall creates a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

The foundation of Daeungbojeon Great Hall is carved with sea creatures, such as turtles and crabs, that cannot be observed elsewhere. Furthermore, you can observe various attractions and treasures, such as the Hanging Painting of Mihwangsa Temple (Treasure No. 1342), where people pray for rain during the dry season.

Other attractions include the 18th-century murals on the walls of Daeungbojeon and Unginjeon Halls.

Sehan University promises to bring top quality education and unique experiences in the student life of many people. Hopefully, through the above article, readers will have a more detailed view of Sehan University, thereby having more grounds to consider when choosing a university for themselves.

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