Honam University Korea

Honam University Korea

Honam University Korea

Honam University is one of the top schools in the Gwangju region of Korea, which is most famous for education and training with the motto of taking students as the center. So Honam University What fields of training? What is the tuition fee? What are the admission conditions?

1. Basic information about Honam University

  • School's name: Honam University
  • Korean name:
  • Year of establishment: 1978
  • Type: private
  • Address: 120, Honamdae-gil, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, Korea

Honam University Korea

Forerunner of Honam University Seongin Gyeongsang College was established in 1978. In 1981, the school was upgraded to a 4-year university system and renamed Honam University. The Graduate School of Business Administration was established in 1987 and the Graduate School of Business Administration was established in 1989.

In 1992, Honam University was promoted to general university. Two years later, in 1994, a new doctoral program was established. The Center for Social Education was established in 1997.

Honam University became an information and communication major in the local university major project selected by the Ministry of Education and selected by the Ministry of Education as an excellent university for education reform next year. there.

2. Some outstanding achievements of Honam University

  • On December 28, 3, Honam University was selected as the leading university for industrial-university cooperation.
  • In 2003, the school was selected by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development as an excellent university for local university development and employment majors.
  • In July 7, 2014 project groups (6 faculties) of Honam University were selected for the CK (University for Creative Korea) project on regional university development and university majors chaired by the Ministry of Education, ranked first among private universities in Gwangju and Jeonnam.
  • In 2016, Honam University's new "Superman Trainer Training Project Team of 100-Year-Old Society" was selected in the re-selection assessment of the "University Major Project 2016".
  • Honam University's Faculty of Future Automotive Engineering was selected as the top project by the Ministry of Education in 2016 and received a total of 15 billion won in support for three consecutive years (2016 – 2018), leading the construction project automobile manufacturing facility worth 1 million cars in Gwangju Metropolitan City.
  • In 2017, Honam University, along with Chosun University, Wonkwang University, Jeonju University, Dongshin University and Woosuk University was selected as the top universities for industrial-academic cooperation (LINC +) in the last year. second this period, guaranteeing an additional 20 billion won for 5 years.
  • Year 2018, Honam University selected with Hanyang University , and Kookmin University is one of the top 10 universities selected by the Ministry of Education to lead the 4th industrial revolution.
  • In August 8, Honam University was the only university in Gwangju and Jeollanam-do selected as the target school for the Pilot Project to Support University Innovation (PILOT) along with 2018 universities across the country. countries, including Sungkyunkwan University and Chung-Ang University.

3. Training program at Honam . University

Honam University Korea

3.1. Korean language program

Chuong Trinh learn Korean at Honam University was born to meet the increasing needs of international students to learn Korean. The curriculum is divided into 6 levels, focusing mainly on communication skills.

A school year is divided into 4 semesters, each term lasts about 10 weeks. Besides Korean language classes, Honam University also organizes extracurricular activities for students to learn about Korean culture and people such as visiting historical sites, museums, etc.

Korean language course tuition at Honam University: 1.200.000 KRW/semester. In addition, students also have to pay an additional admission fee of 50.000 KRW, insurance 150,000 KRW / year.

3.2. University program

School of Health Sciences (tuition: 3.372.000 KRW/term)

  • Nursing Faculty
  • Emergency department
  • Department of Clinical Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy Department
  • Department of Speech Therapy
  • Department of Physiotherapy
  • Department of Food Service
  • Faculty of Food and Nutrition
  • Faculty of Sports and Entertainment
  • Football
  • Taekwondo Security Department
  • Dental Hygiene Department

School of Arts (tuition: 3.438.000 KRW/term)

  • Fashion Designer
  • Manga and animation
  • Industrial design
  • Media and images
  • Aesthetics & Beauty

School of Engineering (tuition: 3.438.000 KRW/term)

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Landscape architecture
  • Department of Architecture
  • Civil engineering and the environment
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Computer engineering
  • Information & Communication Engineering
  • Software

Business School (tuition: 2.863.000 – 3.082.000 KRW/term)

  • Business administration
  • Tourism management
  • Hotel manager
  • Air
  • Electronic Sports
  • Chinese

School of Humanities and Social Sciences (tuition: 2.863.000 – 3.082.000 KRW/term)

  • Preschool education
  • English literature
  • Welfare
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Administrative Management Police
  • Fire protection
  • Public administration
  • Press and broadcasting
  • Korean

3.3. Graduate program

Honam University Korea

School of Humanities and Social Sciences (master + doctoral program):

  • Luật
  • Public administration
  • Business administration
  • Tourism Management
  • Hotel manager
  • Korean Language and Literature
  • English Language and Literature
  • Welfare

School of Natural Sciences (master's program):

  • Biotechnology
  • Gardening and environmental engineering

Technical School:

  • Masters programs: Information and communication engineering, Electrical and electronic engineering, Civil and environmental engineering, Software engineering, City planning, Environmental landscape, Computer engineering, Architecture, Wave engineering .
  • Doctoral program: Computer Engineering, Environmental Landscape, Information and Communication Engineering.

School of Art and Design (master's program):

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Physical education

School of Education (master's program):

  • Korean language
  • English language
  • History
  • Psychological counseling
  • Math
  • Biological
  • Information Technology
  • Physical
  • Nutritionists
  • Education Management

4. Conditions to study at Honam . University

Honam University Korea

4.1. For the Korean program

  • Education level: at least graduated from high school, 3 years GPA of 6.5 or more
  • Does not require TOPIK

4.2. For university system

  • Education level: at least high school graduate or equivalent
  • Minimum TOPIK 3 (only for physiotherapists need to achieve TOPIK 4 or higher)

4.3. For the master's system

  • Education level: graduated from a university in or outside Korea with a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Minimum TOPIK 2

4.4. For PhD system

  • Education level: completed a master's program from a university inside or outside Korea
  • Minimum TOPIK 3

5. Scholarship Program at Honam . University

Undergraduate Scholarship (students who have completed at least 600 hours at Honam University Korean Language Center):

  • Reach TOPIK 4: 70% off tuition
  • Reach TOPIK 3: 60% off tuition
  • Below TOPIK 3: 30% off tuition

Postgraduate Scholarship:

  • TOPIK 4 and below: 50% off tuition
  • TOPIK 5: 60% off tuition
  • TOPIK 6: 70% off tuition

6. Dormitory system at Honam . University

Dormitory at Honam University includes Student Dormitory and International House. Each room is fully equipped with amenities such as heating system, desk, toilet, etc. and common facilities such as reading room, convenience store system.

Dormitory fees at Honam University are as follows (including meals):

  • Quadruple Dormitory: KRW 4 / 1.207.000 weeks
  • Quadruple Dormitory: KRW 5 / 1.070.000 weeks
  • Room for 4 people: 1.138.000 KRW / 16 weeks
  • International house for 5 people: 1.070.000 KRW / 16 weeks

7. Some interesting facts about Honam University

Honam University Korea

  • In the Gwangju area, Honam University is also known as “Hodae”.
  • The scholarship regime for students entering Honam University is more extensive than other universities. In fact, there are many students who choose Honam University because of the scholarship system.
  • The school continues to promote the information technology aspect to students. Recently, all six departments of the national exam (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Emergency Medicine, Dental Hygiene) have been opened, which is rare in China. 4-year universities, and have been selected as specialized faculties by the University.
  • Under the Government Specialization (CK) project, Honam University receives about 9 billion won per year. As of 2015, among four-year universities in Korea, the only five faculties in the national exam showed 100% passing of the national exam.
  • Thanks to its high pass rate of national exams and its track record of attracting government-supported projects, the College of Health Sciences is showing a good image in the Honam area, and it is actively promoting it.
  • As of 2016, there are about 30 registered clubs in Arts and Letters, Academics, Volunteering, Religion, Hobbies and Gymnastics, but it seems there are only about 10 and the band acts mainly.
  • The club room is located on the 2nd to 5th floors of Building 3, and is the only paid club room in the country, fees 150.000 won for the first semester of registration and 100.000 won for each semester thereafter . Even after signing up for the club, you cannot use the club room during the first semester.
  • Building 3, where the club lounge is located, is the building with the first basement (but actually the first floor) and 1 floors above ground, but no elevator. So it has to be up to 5 floors by stairs, and of course disabled people can't get in.
  • Building 3 is central heating, but even in winter (November to early December) the heating is off at 11pm so it's difficult to use at night. So there are many cases where each club uses a development heater.
  • But in line with school policy that prohibits personal heating in buildings due to fire protection and power shortages, building security guards regularly search club rooms and collect heaters and rice cookers. (in winter).
  • The kindness of the faculty and staff is unmatched. In particular, the dormitory is a place with a lot of originality.

Hopefully, through the above article, readers will get a more detailed look at Honam University as well as the disciplines and training programs at Honam University so that they have more basis to consider and make an appropriate decision. when intending to study in the Land of Kim Chi.

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