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Suncheon Jeil College

Suncheon is the name of the city in the South Jeolla province of South Korea. This city is thriving thanks to its proximity to Gwangyang Bay Open Economic Zone. However, the cost of living is still maintained at a reasonable level and there are many part-time jobs for students. Here is located Suncheon College Jeil College long-standing, ideal for international students to choose. So, in this article, let's Netviet Find out more about this school!

Suncheon College Overview Jeil College

General information

  • English name: Suncheon Jeil College (also known as Suncheon Jeil College)
  • Korean name:
  • Year of establishment: 1978
  • Type: private
  • Number of students: > 4000 people
  • Number of instructors: > 200 people
  • Address: 17 K, Jeildaehak-gil, Deogwol-dong, Suncheon City, South Jeolla Province, Southwest Korea.
  • School website:
  • Study abroad in Korea

It takes about 2 hours by bus from Busan to Suncheon jeil college. While studying here, you can visit many famous landmarks near the school such as Suncheon Bay National Park, Juknokwon Bamboo Garden, etc.

The school has a long history in education in Korea. During its operation, the school has received many achievements as well as won many great awards.

This is a fully equipped school with dormitory, library, student counseling room, medical room, student support center, etc. Students can study many disciplines from nature. , technology to the humane society, talent, ...

후진학선도전문대학(전문대학 혁신지원사업 Ⅲ유형 ) < < < - NDK남도경제신문

Some of the school's outstanding achievements

  • Won first prize in speech therapy training (Korea Speech Therapy Association – July 18, 07)
  • Won the excellent thesis award in the fall 2020 academic exam
  • Awarded by the Minister of Health and Welfare (December 12, 12)
  • Won excellent prize in Energy Technology Innovation Idea Contest (September 26, 09)
  • Selected by the Ministry of Employment and Labor as the University Employment Support Center in 2018
  • Won consolation prize in Team Project LINC+ contest in 2020
  • Selected as a Top Vocational College (LINC+) for Industry Collaboration and Socially Appropriate University in 2017 (Ministry of Education)
Welcome Gate of Suncheon Cheil College

Welcome gate of Suncheon jeil college

Conditions to study abroad at Suncheon College Jeil College

Conditions for studying in Korea at Suncheon jeil college include a minimum of high school graduation and no Korean parents. For students following the Korean language training program, the school does not require TOPIK. For college-level training programs, the school requires a minimum of TOPIK 3.

In addition, the time from high school graduation to when applying to study abroad must not exceed 3 years or be a student of a college or university. You must also deposit K_study at least $10000 in a bank in Korea. The dossier must also be full of purple stamps and red book.

Training programs at Suncheon College Jeil College

Korean language training program

The Korean language program for international students of Suncheon jeil college lasts 8 months (ie 32 weeks). Students will not have a break between classes. Upon completion of this training program, students will be eligible to move on to college majors.

Exhibition hall of Suncheon jeil college

College training program

Suncheon jeil college has a total of 21 majors:

  • Industrial Faculty:
    • Construction major - smart environment
    • Specialization in Interior Architecture
    • Specialization in Industrial Chemical Engineering 산업기술화공과
    • Specialization in enterprise safety management 산업안전관리과
    • Specialization in Industrial Electronic Engineering 산업기술전자과
    • Automotive mechanics major
    • Specialization in Electrical Automation
    • Majoring in General Industrial IT
    • Specialization in Multimedia Communication 멀티미디어과
    • Specialization in fire and disaster prevention 소방방재과
    • Specialized in steel industry
  • Faculty of social and humanities:
    • Specialization in Accounting 회계
  • Faculty of natural sciences:
    • Specialization in mixing - baking 외식조리과
  • Faculty of Educational Welfare:
    • Specialization in Social Welfare 사회복지과
    • Specialization in early childhood education 전공
  • Medical Faculty:
    • Specialization in Speech Therapy
    • Specialization in Therapy
    • Specialization in Rehabilitation
    • Specialization in Health Administration 행정 학부
    • Specialization in Nursing .
  • Faculty of Arts Talents:
    • Specialized in general beauty

However, for international students, the school only accepts training in the following 4 occupations:

  • Automotive mechanics major
  • Specialization in Industrial Electronic Engineering 산업기술전자과
  • Specialization in mixing - baking 외식조리과
  • Specialized in general beauty

Suncheon Cheil College currently enrolls students continuously for the March, June, September, and December semesters.

Suncheon Cheil College Library Building

Suncheon Cheil College Library Building

Suncheon College Tuition Jeil College

Korean language tuition fee

Classify Time to pay Amount of money
Tuition fee (32 weeks) Before entry 전 2.600.000KRW
Dormitory fee (34 weeks) including 2 weeks quarantine period 1.500.000KRW
Book money After entry 후 100.000KRW
Insurance fee 100.000KRW
Cultural experience 200.000KRW
Student Union Fees 200.000KRW
total 4.700.000KRW

Tuition fees for majors

Tuition fee (1 semester) 2.900.000KRW
Dormitory fee (6 months) 1.000.000KRW

Especially if you choose to major in general beauty, you will be introduced to a paid internship at beauty businesses in Suncheon city.

Suncheon College Scholarship Program Jeil College

Scholarships of Suncheon jeil college are very rich. The value of each type of scholarship will depend on the policy of the school.

  • Scholarship for students with academic achievements ranked first in the department and the most recent semester achievement above 4.0
  • Scholarship for students with academic achievements second place in the department and the most recent semester achievement above 4.0
  • Student Scholarship Nominated by the Principal
  • Scholarship for students with meritorious services to the school
  • Scholarships for international students graduating in the first semester of the first year at the Language Institute of the school. This scholarship is valid 1.500.000KRW for the first semester. Every subsequent semester is valid 500.000KRW.
  • Scholarships for international students include:
    • TOEIC 550, TOEFL (iBT) : 1.000.000KRW first term + 500.000KRW every next term
    • TOEIC 600, TOEFL (iBT) 62: 1.000.000KRW First 2 semesters + 500.000KRW every next term
    • TOEIC 700, TOEFL (iBT) 76: 100% tuition fee per semester

Suncheon College Dormitory Information Jeil College

The school's dormitory was built in 2014 with the goal of becoming a living place for students, so that students can focus on studying and build self-discipline and independence. The dormitory has a total of 14 floors Includes 1 basement.

The dormitory is fully equipped with modern facilities and operates under an automatic management model. The school has implemented a fingerprint attendance system and equipped with 48 CCTV inside and outside the living area.

Suncheon Cheil College Campus

Suncheon jeil college campus

5 frequently asked questions about Suncheon College Jeil College

What is the strength of Suncheon Jeil College?

With a variety of disciplines as well as practical training programs, the school equips students with the full skills to be able to find jobs suitable for their majors after graduation. The Faculty of Industry is the training center of the university with more than 10 different majors: interior architecture, automotive mechanics, etc.

At Suncheon College Jeil College Are there many clubs?

The school has many active clubs:

  • Jendo Kendo Club
  • Debtors to Savior Mission Club
  • Club Elim
  • ...
School students participate in international volunteering

School students participate in international volunteering

Does the school have a dormitory?

The dormitory was built in 2014 and is currently being fully exploited. Therefore, international students can focus on studying. Personal living needs will be supported by the dormitory.

Traffic around Suncheon College Jeil College is it convenient?

In Suncheon city, there is a full bus system, helping students to move easily. In addition, the school also has its own shuttle bus to serve the transportation needs of students.

What is the cost of living there?

Suncheon Jeil School is located in Suncheon-si city, so the cost of living is not as expensive as in Seoul.

Things to keep in mind when studying abroad at Suncheon College Jeil College

Strictly in the classroom

Just like in Vietnam, there is a very clear hierarchy between professors and students. So don't address professors by their first name unless asked to. Raise your hand before speaking and study seriously.

Talk to your professor if you're not sure about anything

Remember to ask for full study materials

If you have questions about something while studying, ask your professor clearly. It's better to ask everything before the exams hit.

Find out exactly how your professor wants the essay to be structured or what topics will come up in the next exam.

Do not use red pen

In Korea, it is considered rude to write someone's name in red ink. Because in the past, red ink was used to write the names of the deceased. If someone is still alive and you write their name in red pen, you're slandering them.

Actually, you can still use the red pen to write about other things. But you'd better leave them in Vietnam.

Make friends with the locals

When you have you are local. They can help you with a lot of things, from sharing the best places to eat near campus to practicing Korean.

You can visit the international student office on the Suncheon Cheil campus to quickly find a local friend.

Download the necessary applications

The following apps will make your Korean study life easier:

  • Kakao Talk (also known as KaTalk): Similar to Facebook Messenger in Vietnam, this is the most popular free messaging app in Korea.
  • Kakao Metro: Use this app so you don't get lost when using the subway in Suncheon-si and other cities.
  • Naver Map: This is a Korean map app that offers more functions than Google Maps.


In addition to the areas that are too familiar to international students such as Seoul, Daegu, Busan, etc. Suncheon city in South Jeolla province is also a worthy choice for international students because there are many jobs there. do the same comfortable living conditions.

With a long history and the training disciplines are in the top recruitment, Suncheon jeil college is definitely an ideal choice to realize the dream of studying and working in Korea of ​​international students. Vietnam.

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