Korean Bible University – Korea Bible University

Korean Bible University – Korea Bible University

Korean Bible University also known as Korea Bible University is a training and direct teaching facility of the Korean Christian faith. In addition to Bible studies, Korean Bible University also offers training in nursing, pedagogy, and IT and attracts many Vietnamese students to enroll. So what is the specific information about this University? Please refer to it at Study in South Korea

About Korean Bible University – Korea Bible University 

Where is Korean Bible University located?

Korea Bible University located in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. The specific address is at 32, dongil-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul. Located in a central location, students attending this school are very convenient for commuting, very close to bus stops and subway stations. 

korean bible university

Basic information about Korean Bible University is as follows: 

English name: Korean Bible University, abbreviated as KBU (also known as Hankuk Songseo University)

Korean name: 한국 성서 대학교 

Vietnamese name: Korea Bible University 

Address: 32, dongil-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul

Year of establishment: 1952

Type: Private University 

Phone: 82-2-950-5401

Fax: 82-070—4275-0167

Web: http://www.bible.ac.kr/

General introduction about Korea Bible University 

Founded in 1952, Korea Bible University is a private higher education institution in Seoul. The school's predecessor was the Korean Bible Academy. The school's founding goal was to teach and spread the doctrines of Christianity, to become the cradle of future talented missionaries. 

After being recognized by the Korean Ministry of Education, Korean Bible University became a Korean Christian educational higher education institution. Korea Bible University grants bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees to students enrolled in multidisciplinary research programs. The school also has spacious facilities and modern equipment to serve students. For example, libraries, dormitories, sports halls, financial aid and scholarships for students with good results.

Achievements of Korean Bible University 

Although it has been established and operating for nearly 70 years and has trained many Christian talents for Korea, it was not until 2000 that Korean Bible University began to gain strong recognition, achieving great achievements. big. Detail: 

  • In 2004, the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development voted Korea Bible University as an excellent school of the University Majors Support Project. 
  • From 2008 to 2013, the university continuously participated in the project of Improving Higher Education Capacity for 6 years. 
  • In 2017, won the A prize when conducting the Assessment of Teacher Training Institutions of the Korean Ministry of Education.
  • In 2018, Korean Bible University became the University of Basic Competency Diagnosis and University Self-Enhancement. 
  • In 2019, the school participated in the University Innovation Support Project for 3 consecutive years, from 2019 to 2022. 
  • In 2020, the school became "The best university" based on the evaluation of the program to support students with disabilities lasting 5 consecutive years. 

Training Program of Korean Bible University 

Korean language program 

Korean Bible University's Korean program was developed for the purpose of teaching Korean listening - speaking - reading - writing to foreign students, and for Korean students who want to learn Korean properly. 

korean bible university

The course information is as follows: 

  • A Korean language course at Korea Bible University lasts 6 months, the total tuition fee to be paid is about 2.300.000 – 4.800.000 KRW. Admission fee is 300.000 KRW (including course fee and international student insurance fee) and is non-refundable. 
  • Students also need to pay an additional insurance fee of KRW 180.000/year, which may change from year to year. 
  • Korean Bible University's Korean program will last 10 weeks.
  • The new semester usually opens 3 months apart, in the months of March, June, September, December. Students need to pay attention to the opening time of classes to actively register for classes. 

Training program university 

Korean Bible University's undergraduate education system is credit-based. The school has only 5 specialized faculties, so the investment in teaching human resources is extremely professional and methodical. Ensure perfect transfer of knowledge to students. 

Specific information about the undergraduate training program is as follows: 

  • Faculty of Nursing: Nursing management, Community nursing, Child health care, Maternity care, Post-operative care. 
  • Faculty of Theology, also the school's most prominent: History of Theology, Theological Practice, Christian Psychological Counseling, Biblical Commentary, Theology
  • Faculty of Social Welfare: Case management and consultation, Elderly welfare, Professional social welfare practice
  • Department of Computer Software: Software Development Technology, Information Processing Technology, Web-based Technology, Computer Networking, Information Education
  • Faculty of Early Childhood Education: Caring for children with disabilities, Preschool Pedagogy

Tuition fees for the Korean Bible University program:

  • Faculty of Nursing: 7.500.000 KRW/year
  • Faculty of Theology, also the most prominent department of the school: 6.720.000 KRW/year
  • Faculty of Social Welfare: 6.720.000 KRW/year
  • Computer Software Department: 7.940.000 KRW/year
  • Faculty of Early Childhood Education: 6.720.000 KRW/year 

Postgraduate training program 

The graduate training program of Korea Bible University has 3 options for doctoral students: 

  • Master's program (2-3 years): admission fee 65.000 KRW
  • Doctoral program (3 years): admission fee 75.000 KRW
  • Master's and Doctoral Programs (4 years): admission fee 75.000 KRW 

Specific information about the graduate system of the Korean Bible School is as follows: 

  • Faculty of Theology: History of Theology, Theological Practice, Christian Psychological Counseling, Biblical Commentary. 
  • Faculty of Nursing: Nursing management, postoperative care, child health care, maternity care, community nursing. 
  • Faculty of Social Welfare: Elderly Welfare, Case Management and Counseling, professional social welfare practice.
  • Faculty of Early Childhood Education: Preschool Pedagogy, special child care. 

Admission requirements of Korea Bible University 

To be admitted to Korea Bible University, you need to meet the admission requirements from 3 training systems of the school. 

Admission requirements for Korean language system 

  • Students whose parents are not Korean citizens 
  • Students graduating from high school within 3 years from the date of enrollment, the GPA of high school must be above 6,5 points. 

Conditions for admission to the university system 

  • Students whose parents are not Korean citizens 
  • Students with high school GPA above 6,5 points 
  • Students who have TOPIK 4 . certificate 

Conditions for admission to the graduate program 

  • Fellows who have obtained a bachelor's degree while pursuing a master's program 
  • If you are studying for a doctoral program, you need a master's degree
  • PhD students must have TOPIK certificate 4 or higher

Korean Bible University Scholarship Program 

Students studying at the school have the opportunity to receive scholarships if they have good academic performance. The scholarships will include scholarships awarded from the faculty and from the school. In addition, there are scholarships for international students and level scholarships. 

Scholarships for international students

  • First-year students will receive a scholarship for the first semester with the value of 100% free of admission fee, 50% reduction of first semester tuition fee. Students who have TOPIK certificate 3 or higher will be exempted from 55% of the first semester tuition fee. 
  • Students from the 2nd semester of the first year onwards will be considered for scholarships by GPA (GPA>2.0: 10% tuition reduction, 2.0-3.0 GPA: 20% tuition reduction, 3.3 GPA or higher: reduced tuition.) 40% of tuition fees).

Level Scholarship

  • Outstanding students of the Faculty (completed at least 17 credits of the previous semester, GPA 3,8 or higher) are exempted from 70% of tuition fees. 
  • Outstanding students of the class (fulfilling the same condition) receive a 40% tuition fee waiver. 

Korean Bible University Dormitory 

Korean Bible University has fully furnished dormitories for students and international students to live in. The dormitory will have 2 bed rooms and 3 people rooms, the accommodation cost will be 500.000 KRW/semester (including meals at the cafeteria). 

At Korea Bible University, drinking, smoking, and misbehaving are not allowed. The school trains students not only for professional excellence, but also for healthy lifestyles and ethical standards. Especially when living under God's protection. 

Support policy for international students of Korea Bible University

Vietnamese students studying at Korean Bible University will work part-time to support tuition and accommodation costs. Therefore, the Korean government in general and the school administration in particular have developed policies to facilitate international students. You will be able to work part-time after 6 months of studying, working up to 20 hours/week. 

When completing the Korean language program, students who achieve TOPIK certificate 3 or higher, attendance score above 80% and approved documents by the school can be transferred according to their wishes. 

Must-visit attractions around Korean Bible University

Hwarangdae Railway Park 

Hwarangdae Station was originally a station connecting Seoul and Chuncheon. Currently, the station has been remodeled and turned into a museum of Hwarangdae history. Visitors here can experience the style of photography in the 2s and 70s. Enjoy a coffee at Bandisanghoe located in a unique train carriage. It has many pre-set scenes, has a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere. 

Bukhansan National Park

National Park or Bukhansan National Park is a famous landmark in Seoul, also the connection between Seoul and Gyeonggi. This place has a mountain peak more than 1000 meters above sea level, rich flora and fauna and many ancient landmarks such as Bukhansan fortress, King Bibong Jinheung Peak temple. 

Above is information about Korean Bible University - Korean Bible University for interested readers. For more detailed advice on majors and costs, please contact Study Abroad in Korea. 

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