The most effective self-study English manual at home today

Learn English at home.

The most effective self-study English manual at home today

Learning English or any other language requires an effective learning method. Only by finding the right way of learning for you can you conquer this language. Let's research how to learn english you

Learn English Free

How to self-study English online?

​Step 1: Determine your current level.

Before you start learning English, especially online, you need to know what your ability is. This helps determine the basis from which you can choose the right English lesson. Avoid cases where English lessons are too easy to make you feel boring or too difficult to lead to boredom.

Step 2: Know what is the best way to learn for you.

To find out what is the best way to learn English for yourself, you need to find a website or course that teaches English in a way that interests you. Only then, you can access the website every day to study English regularly.

Step 3: Schedule a fixed class every day

If you want to use English fluently to study abroad, apply for a job, etc., you must also use it continuously as a daily habit. Therefore, it is very necessary to schedule a fixed English study every day. Choose a suitable study time for yourself and follow that schedule regularly.
If you find it boring, choose topics that interest you. From there, learning English will become more interesting.

Make learning English a daily habit.

Make learning English a daily habit.

Step 4: Apply what you learn in practice

The most effective way to learn is to practice. Don't forget the practical activities when learning English. Because no matter how much you study, but without communicating, reading or writing English in daily life, it is very difficult to use English fluently.
A commonly used method is to talk to British people, tourists. This will be a way to help you absorb extremely quickly and effectively.
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Free English learning websites

VOCA.VN – Smart English vocabulary learning website.

Vocabulary is considered the basis for English communication. Not only that, only when you master certain vocabulary, you can continue to learn other skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. Therefore, besides grammar, vocabulary plays an extremely important role.
However, the way to learn vocabulary and grammar is different. If learning grammar only requires you to grasp the structures, rules according to the available templates. Then vocabulary has many more creative and interesting ways to learn. One of them is learning vocabulary online through specialized systems and applications.
As one of the most popular online English learning websites, of the English Me English community is a website dedicated to learning and practicing vocabulary.
The outstanding advantages of English vocabulary learning website are:

  • The method of memorizing vocabulary is lively, interesting and easy to remember.
  • Help learners review old vocabulary regularly with the reminder feature.
  • Learners measure their own progress over time through the measurement feature.
  • The interface is beautiful, user-friendly and very easy to use.
  • Extensive vocabulary library with many different topics.
  • Learners can experience a set of vocabulary for free to understand how to learn before paying the official tuition fee to learn many other sets of vocabulary.
  • The system can be used on many different devices such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones.

DUOLINGO: Most Popular App

Duolingo is an application for beginners to learn English through a dynamic way of learning, combining learning and playing effectively. The application is well designed and easy to use. When learning English with Duolingo, you will learn in different stages. After completing all the questions at this stage, you will be moved to the next lesson.
Learning English on Duolingo is similar to when you play games on your phone or computer. Therefore, learners will find it very interesting and not boring. The method of learning English on this application is considered to be quite good and effective.

Duolingo is an English learning app with a beautifully designed and easy to use interface.

Duolingo is an English learning app with a beautifully designed and easy to use interface.

BBC English – Learn Languages ​​Through Journalism.

BBC learning english is a website dedicated to English learners around the world. This website belongs to the oldest and famous British newspaper BBC. The focus of learning English through BBC English is learning through articles. The website is also designed so that English learners of any level can use it.
BBC Enligsh has many different categories from big to small to help you learn English. Readers will learn English through articles, English audio. This is a great site to practice communication skills. The topics on the site contain a variety of whirlwind and everyday topics.
Another strong point of BBC English is the standard British accent. Therefore, when listening to audio, video, and talk on the web, you will get acquainted with the standard English accent, which is very beneficial when taking exams for certifications such as IELTS, TOEIC, ...

VOA Special English – Learn English through video news.

Similar to BBC English, the VOA Learning English website is a site dedicated to learning English through newscasts. This website belongs to the famous American newspaper VOA. When using this website, learners will learn English in the form of short articles. The articles also include audio with standard pronunciation for you to practice listening and pronunciation.
When learning English on the VOA Special English website, you have the opportunity to quickly and effectively supplement your specialized vocabulary. Especially for those who intend to take the TOEIC test. Vocabulary on VOA is very common in the TOEIC test. The website is built so you can learn English completely for free.

How to learn English to communicate quickly

Find the right way to learn

Before you start learning English for communication, you need to determine for yourself a learning method that is suitable for you. There are many ways to learn English to communicate effectively and scientifically such as studying in groups with friends, studying at an English center, joining a club, etc. Only when you find a learning method that suits you, you feel more motivated to learn. The learning efficiency from that is also much higher.

Take time to practice listening to English

When learning English, many people often focus on grammar and not on listening skills. However, listening is an extremely important skill when learning English communication. Because listening practice will help increase English reflexes. Listening also helps you to correct your pronunciation for more accuracy.
If you find it difficult to listen to English. You should start with short stories and essays with simple topics. After that, practice slowly increasing the level to TV news, podcasts, etc. You can also listen and practice communication skills at the same time. Turn on a passage, a dialogue, then read it aloud in front of the mirror and pay attention to adjust your mouth and gestures when communicating in the mirror.

Take time to practice listening to English every day.

Take time to practice listening to English every day.

Find a guide

Self-studying English has many benefits. However, to be able to use English fluently and accurately like a native, you should find yourself a guide. That person can be a teacher, a friend who is good at English or, better yet, a native speaker. The instructor will support you a lot in the process of learning English. They will show you how to stress sounds in sentences when speaking English and correct them when you mispronounce them.

Work hard to practice English communication every day

Learning English is not difficult. You just need to persist in repeating the daily practice routine. Over time, a natural reflex will form when you speak in English. Therefore, give yourself a specific timetable to learn to communicate every day and make it a habit. Maintaining this good habit will greatly improve your English communication.

Studying English in groups helps you to improve faster.

Studying English in groups helps you to improve faster.

English communication mistakes to avoid

Skip the last syllable

The first communication mistake that makes you speak English poorly is the lack of pronunciation at the end. This is also the most obvious mistake of Vietnamese people when learning English. The final sound - final sound is the sound /t/, /d/, /s/, /z/… Due to the different structure from Vietnamese pronunciation, the last sound is often omitted when we speak English.
However, this makes it difficult for native speakers to understand what you are saying. Speaking English without the final sound is like "Vietnamizing" words. It is this that easily makes foreigners fall into confusion because they do not understand or misunderstand what we are trying to convey.

Do not stress in sentences

This is really a common mistake for an English learner. Similar to the last sound, accentuation when speaking English is often overlooked, even ignored. Sentence stress is when you emphasize words in a sentence. If you say a very long, informative paragraph but say it evenly, the listener will not be able to discern what your main idea is.
Speaking English without such stress will make your speech boring and easy to fall asleep. Especially in the case of presentations in class, in the meeting room or negotiating with customers…

Some tips for self-studying English at home

Learning through books

Learning English through books is a traditional way of learning and has been successfully applied by many people. However, many of you will be afraid that learning through books will be boring and ineffective. In this regard, you can rest easy because currently in the world there are many books designed according to the effective method of learning English with images, audio, video, even with a combination of apps to increase interaction for learners. pellets.

The second advantage when learning through books is that the source of books is extremely rich that can meet the needs of all subjects in terms of both interests and learning needs such as comics, bilingual books, exam preparation books, specialized books. , …. These books are compiled and published by reputable authors and publishers in the world, so you can be assured of the quality. Thus, you can both study and satisfy your interests, passions or serve the needs of studying and working.

Some English learning books are "storming" on the world market and even in Vietnam, such as: Hack Nao 1500 from English, Harry Potter English Novel, English Made Easy, ... You You can find it at most bookstores, and if you're on a tight budget, you can find English ebooks to learn through websites like IELTS Materials – The site currently owns most of the hottest exam preparation books today.

Learning through songs

If you always feel difficult and boring every time you learn English by yourself. Try for a change by learning English with music. With this method, you will learn English through songs, surely the melody of your favorite music will help your English ability improve significantly.
Why should you learn English through songs? The answer of many people learning English with this method is that it is easy to remember - easy to memorize and easy to apply. Our brains will remember information better when it is repeated. This is also how English songs, especially your favorite ones, can improve your English.
This way of learning is both scientific and gentle, without pressure. So do not ignore this smart and effective way of learning.

Learn English vocabulary through movies

Similar to how to learn English through lyrics, learning English through movies is an extremely interesting and effective learning method. However, learning English through movies requires a few tricks to be effective. Not everyone can learn properly without wasting time plowing through movie after movie.
The way to learn English vocabulary through movies is to watch movies and combine parody with the characters' good lines. Or you can also watch a favorite movie over and over. Combine practice speech parody according to the character's words. Remember to imitate the intonation as well.
If you do it this way, you will not only improve your listening skills, but also improve your English speaking ability.
The rules to remember when learning English with movies are

  • Choose your favorite movies: Just like learning English with songs, you should choose movies that you find interesting so that you can be ready to watch them over and over again.
  • Break up clips: Instead of watching a long movie or an entire movie, break it up into 3-5 minute chunks. This is meant to practice and help you stay focused while still remaining excited.
Learning English through movies helps you feel more excited.

Learning English through movies helps you feel more excited.

Learn vocabulary associated with emotions

Science has proven that learning English with emotions is the most effective way to learn vocabulary.
Imagine you are holding a blue fruit. You will immediately think of sour taste at the tip of your tongue. Your body's natural response is to wince or automatically salivate. You got this reflex because of the sourness of the lemon because you were impressed with its taste. You easily remember it is a lemon because there is a whole string of information about color, shape, size, taste, ... in the brain.
Learning English vocabulary associated with emotions also applies this principle. The brain always remembers associative information much better. Associate words with emotions, fun and interesting images that are easier to remember.

Mistakes to avoid when learning English

Mistake 1: Learn passively

This mistake stems from the fact that you learn English for some reason not from your own wishes. It may be the advice of friends, parents, the current trend that makes you have to sign up for an English class. However, if you do not have a love for this language, you will never learn English well.
Try once to find excitement with English, a reason to love this language. Surely you will be more motivated to learn English. Changing the way you learn English also helps you feel more interesting. For example, you can study while watching movies and listening to music, which will greatly entertain you.

Mistake 2: Afraid to communicate in English

This is the biggest and most common mistake of English learners. No matter how hard you study grammar without practicing communication, your English will still not be able to improve. The fear of being wrong is the biggest factor that makes you afraid to speak English. Don't focus on mistakes or feel anxious about making mistakes.
Just speak English as comfortably as possible, right or wrong. It is important that you practice many times to form a reflex. Gradually, you will speak more accurately, your sentences will become clearer. And most importantly, you are no longer afraid to speak English.
Avoid translating sentences from Vietnamese to English, then correcting grammar and vocabulary before speaking. This is what makes your English communication reflexes limited.

Mistake 3: Not self-studying at home

If you only study English in class without practicing at home, your English will also be difficult to improve. If you don't review the lesson or do any English-related activities after you leave the classroom, it's easy to forget what you've learned.
The way to fix this mistake is very simple, you just need to download an English learning application to your phone. Instead of surfing Facebook, spend about 20 minutes - 30 minutes a day to learn English with apps. Or you can also read newspapers about your favorite topics to practice English while keeping up to date with the news. You can also listen to music, watch movies, listen to the radio in English. Persist with this way of learning, after a while you will be surprised with your English ability.
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