Korean Embassy and information you need to know 

Korean Embassy and information you need to know 

  • Embassy of Korea in Vietnam is a familiar address for those who intend to come to Korea to study and work. To help readers wishing to study abroad better understand the information about the Embassy, ​​NETVIET has summarized the knowledge in the article below. Welcome to invite you to read.

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History of the Korean Embassy 

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea was established in 1992, on the occasion of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Vietnam. From 1992 to 2021, after 30 years of challenges, the relationship between Vietnam - Korea is constantly developing, forming friendly multi-field relations. It can be said that Korea is one of the developed countries investing the most in Vietnam with a total capital of over 50 billion USD. In contrast, Vietnam is also a major trading partner of Korea. 

embassy of Korea

In Vietnam, there are 3 headquarters representing the Korean government, namely the Korean Embassy, ​​the Korean Consulate, and the Korean Consulate General. If you wish to enter Korea to travel, study or work, you need to go to the above headquarters to carry out the procedures. 

Address of Korean Embassy in Vietnam 

Korean Embassy in Hanoi 

Originally, the headquarters of the Korean Embassy in Hanoi was located on the 28th floor, Lotte Center Hanoi Building, 54 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam. However, from April 8, 4, the Korean Embassy moved to a new headquarters. The Embassy is the address to deal with economic and political matters in general related to Vietnam and Korea. 

Current contact information is as follows:

  • Address: Lot SQ4, Ngoai Giao Doan Urban Area, Do Nhuan Street, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Phone number: +84-24-3831-5111~6
  • E-mail: korembviet@mofa.go.kr

Korean Consulate in Hanoi 

In addition to the Korean Embassy representing the Korean government, the Consulate is also located right in Hanoi. This is the place to provide visas for you to enter Korea such as marriage visa, student visa, etc. Many people often confuse the Embassy as the place to issue a visa, but the truth is not, the new Korean Consulate is the place to do this task. You should keep this in mind to avoid going to the wrong place and wasting your time. 

Current contact information is as follows:

  • Address: 7th Floor, Charmvit Building, 117 Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Phone: 84-4-3771-0404
  • Fax: 84-4-3831 6834-
  • E-mail: korembviet@mofa.go.kr

Consulate General of Korea in Ho Chi Minh City 

embassy of Korea

In Ho Chi Minh City, there is also a representative agency for the Korean government, which is the Korean Consulate General, located in District 1, opposite the Police Newspaper office, near the Independence Palace and Ben Thanh market. 

Current contact information is as follows:

  • Address: 107 Nguyen Du Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • Phone number.
    • Call center number : +84-(0)28-3822-5757 (Automatic answer)
    • Number of call center staff: +84-(0)28-3824-8531~4
    • Visa Office: +84-(0)28-3824-3311

Instructions on how to apply for a visa at the Korean Consulate 

Notes when applying for a visa

If you want to come to Korea for the purpose of tourism, study, or marriage, you need to go to the Korean Consulate to complete the procedures to apply for the right type of visa required by the Korean government. During this process, the following points should be kept in mind: 

  • Have a copy of the people's identity card/national identity card (notarized) to submit. 
  • If applying for a business visa and authorizing employees and companies to go to the Consulate to submit the alternative procedures, it is necessary to have enough employee cards (for 2 people) or original labor contracts, original identity cards . 
  • If the family is applying for a visa to visit relatives to visit their children, only people with the same surname and name in the household registration will be authorized to apply or apply for a visa in person. 
  • All documents must have a notarized translation into English or Korean (family registration book, birth certificate, savings book, etc.)
  • Photocopies of documents submitted for visa application are on A4 size. 
  • For marriage visa applicants: Vietnamese brides marrying Koreans must apply directly for visas without brokers. 
  • People who have Vietnamese nationality and have official passports, diplomatic passports or APEC cards (and passports) will not apply for a visa to Korea if their stay in Korea is less than 90 days.

Information about visa application 

Visa application documents include the following documents: 

  • 1 visa application form, pasted 1 photo 3.5×4.5cm, taken within the last 3 months, written in English or Korean. If there is a child with the same passport as the parent, paste the baby's photo in box 34, and put the baby's information in the adjacent boxes. 
  • Original passport (passport must be valid for more than 6 months for visas to Korea 90 days and 1 year for visas to Korea 1 year from the date of issue).

Visa application fee to Korea:

  • Visa travel less than 90 days: 20 USD
  • Single-entry visa over 90 days: 50 USD
  • If applying for a visa 2 times in a row in 6 months: 60 USD
  • If the visa goes many times: 80 USD

Time limit for visa issuance of the Korean Consulate 

embassy of Korea

Visa processing time will be 8 days, if the application is no problem (except for marriage visa, student and work visa). If the application is not satisfactory and additional documents are required, the visa issuance time will be longer. After you add enough documents, you will be notified of the results from 1 to 2 days later (except for marriage visa, student visa). The person who is notified of the refusal of the application should go to the agency to get his passport and original documents back within 1 week from the date of announcement of the results, but do not return the fee paid. 

Korean Consulate working hours 

  • Time to receive visa applications: Morning from 9.00 - 12.00 / Afternoon from 14.00 - 16.00 (Marriage Visa only works in the morning).
  • Time to return results: From 14.00 to 16.00 daily.

How to legalize Vietnamese documents for use in Korea? 

If you come to Korea for the purpose of short-term or long-term stay, the consular legalization of your papers for use in Korea is not to be missed. According to the promulgated regulations, Vietnamese documents must be consular legalized before they can be used in Korea and vice versa. NETVIET will guide you with some specific information:

What documents need consular legalization?

There are quite a lot of your documents in Vietnam that you need to use when doing administrative procedures in Korea, so you need to consularly legalize a lot of documents such as university degrees, foreign language certificates, technical skills. skills, criminal record, birth certificate, marriage certificate, ....

Agencies that will help you with legalization include: State Notary, Korean Embassy (if you are in Hanoi) and Korean Consulate General (if you are in HCMC), Department Consular/Department of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Procedures for consular legalization of documents 

Step 1: Notarization and translation of necessary documents 

You go to State notary offices to perform notarized translation into Korean or English. A qualified notary office must have the signature of the notary and the seal of the notary office registered with the Consular Department or the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Step 2: Go to the Consular Department of Hanoi or the Department of Foreign Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City to apply for a consular certificate

You need to prepare the application package with all the following documents: 

  • Certification declaration form No. LS/HPH-2012/TK
  • Originals of identification documents (passport and citizen identification) if the application is submitted directly; Notarized copy of ID if submitted by post.
  • Documents that need consular legalization (notarized translation)
  • If sending by post, prepare an additional envelope with the recipient's address (ie you) to receive the results returned by post.

Where to submit resumes:

Hanoi Consular Department (consular certification for people from Da Nang to the North): 40 Tran Phu, Dien Ban, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Foreign Affairs (consular certification for people from Quang Ngai back to the South): 184 Bis Pasteur, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Working time and processing documents will not exceed 1 day for applications with less than 10 documents, no more than 5 days for applications with 10 documents or more, or longer (in case documents need to be verified). )

Step 3: Application for consular legalization of documents in Korea 

After step 2 and receiving the consular certification of documents, you need to make an application for consular legalization and submit it to the Korean Embassy or the Korean Consulate.

Consular legalization of general documents

Request to submit the original and the translation certified by the Consular Department and the Department of Foreign Affairs (double-sided photocopy); Application form according to the Embassy's form; a photocopy of the original owner's identity card or passport; If submitting on behalf of the authorized person, a power of attorney in the form and a photocopy of the identity card or passport of the authorized person is required.

Consular legalization of university degrees and other degrees

Request the original and a copy of the notarized translation that has been consularly certified; the original and a photocopy of the citizen's identity card or the owner's passport; photocopies of academic records, university degrees, other degrees; certification of the International Education Consulting Center (under the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Training).

embassy of Korea

During the process of applying for consular legalization, you must provide the phone number and specific address of the school, provide some latest information about the school for the confirmation to take place smoothly. .

Consular legalization of work experience certificates issued by Vietnamese companies

Requires previously certified consular documents, the translation needs 2 sides; Original insurance book and declaration of payment of insurance and personal income tax, 1 notarized copy of insurance book; A notarized copy of the company's business registration certificate; company photos and photos of you working at the company; notarized application form.

In addition, there are other basic documents such as photocopies of people's identity cards or passports; power of attorney according to the form and a photocopy of the identity document of the authorized person to submit the application instead.

Consular legalization of work experience certification issued by a foreign company based in Vietnam

The same documents are required in the case of the Vietnamese company mentioned above. In addition, the application file requires additional certification of the company's seal, the work permit of the company's director and a photocopy of the director's passport.

Address to submit application for consular legalization:

  • Korean Embassy: Lot SQ4 Diplomatic Area, Do Nhuan, Xuan Tao, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam (Time to receive documents from 9.00 - 12.00 from Monday to Friday).
  • Consulate General of Korea: 107 Nguyen Du, District 1, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City (Time to receive documents from 9.00 - 12.00 from Monday to Friday).

Time limit for receiving results of consular legalization

  • Working time is 1 day with consular legalization of general documents, 6 days with consular legalization of degrees.
  • Time to return results is from 14.00 to 16.00 from Monday to Friday.

After completing step 3, you have fully completed the consular legalization procedure - a very important luggage to go to Korea.

Above is the information you need to know about the Korean Embassy and some procedures performed at this agency. Access NETVIET Every day to know more good articles about Studying abroad in Korea and other life knowledge.

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