About the University of Waterloo: Courses, Tuition, Scholarships

University of Waterloo

About the University of Waterloo: Courses, Tuition, Scholarships

University of Waterloo Famous as the "most innovative" school in Canada with its nuclear research center, advanced engines. The school also has a practical education program, paid internships that attract thousands of students. Waterloo is a typical university in leadership and innovation to bring innovative solutions for the future.

About the University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo English name is University of Waterloo located west of Toronto. The school was founded in 1957 by a group of business leaders. The school was established with the goal of giving students new approaches and problem solving. The university also pays special attention to innovative directions in research.

The school was built on the foundation of science, engineering and math. Up to now, the University of Waterloo has become a leader in the fields of: Environmental Education, Architecture, Art, Psychology and Human Health. The University of Waterloo is known as the Silicon Valley of the North. The school's reputation is associated with the phrase technology transfer.

Waterloo is one of the top universities in Canada, not only in terms of education but also in bringing knowledge, ideas and technology to private institutions. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, there are more than 250 private technology companies founded with research assistance from the University of Waterloo. This is more than any other university in Canada.

Since its establishment, the school has continuously expanded its training scale. Up to now, the school currently has about 36.131 students enrolled in the regular system. The proportion of undergraduate and graduate students is 87% - 13%. The number of international students at the University of Waterloo is more than 8.000 students.

University of Waterloo . Facilities

The university has four main campuses along with educational centers throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Waterloo Main Campus, Ontario, Canada

This is a large campus with an area of ​​​​over 400 hectares in Ontario - the number 1 public center in Canada. The main campus of the university is home to high-level research projects in many fields such as: health, engineering, mathematics, psychology, quantum information, nanotechnology and environmental studies.

Cambridge campus

It is the campus of the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. The school is famous for its "green" architecture program in Canada. The school's architecture is highly regarded not only in Canada but also around the world. The Campbirdge campus is located at Riverside Silk Mill, in the quaint Galt region along the banks of the romantic Grand River.

Kitchener . campus

The Kitchener Campus is the campus of the School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo. It is also home to the local program of the DeGroote School of Health, McMaster University and the family healthcare team.

In 2010, the School of Ophthalmology's teaching and research satellite clinic was merged into the campus. This helps to expand the practical training space and services. Ophthalmology students also have the opportunity to study alongside medical students and practice in ophthalmology or home health clinics.

Stratford Campus, Ontario, Canada

It is an active campus of the fields of mass media and digital art. This campus is a partnership between the city of Stratford and the University of Waterloo. The Stratford campus brings together researchers, businesses and commercial establishments, providing an enabling environment for students to be creative, seeking opportunities in the digital media industry.


In addition to the main campus, the system of facilities at the University of Waterloo also includes:

Medical clinic for students

This is a comprehensive and reliable physical examination site for all students of the university. The Medical Clinic combines with other health care services on campus to provide healthy living for students.

Center for Career Action

This is a place to support students in matters of career, orientation, goals, etc. The center has many forms of student support such as confidential personal advice, seminars, events, resources. online and published and through job placements,…

Outstanding Achievements of the University of Waterloo

During its operation, the University of Waterloo has achieved many impressive achievements.

  • The University of Waterloo ranks 173rd in the list of top universities in the world according to Time higher Educaton 2017.
  • The school is in the top 100 prestigious universities worldwide according to Time higher education ranking in 2017
  • The University of Waterloo ranks 9th in Canada in the US news and world report rankings.
  • The university has been ranked in the top of the best overall research universities in Canada for 8 consecutive years according to Research Infosource.
  • The University of Waterloo is ranked 152nd in the QS World University Rankings.
  • According to US News and World Report Computer Science of the University of Waterloo ranked 18th; Engineering ranked 47th.
  • Its Geography major is in the top 50 globally, and its Computer Science and Mathematics major is in the top 25 in the world according to QS Rankings).
  • The University of Waterloo is ranked among the top 50 universities for Engineering by ARWU.
  • The school is in the top 100 in the fields of Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering; Environmental Science, Sociology, Architecture, Artificial Environment, Psychology, Statistical Research and Operations Studies as assessed by QS Rankings.

Training program at the University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo offers more than 100 undergraduate, diploma, certificate and certification courses in more than 37 areas of study including: Applied Health Sciences, Arts and Sciences. , Engineering, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Science…

Out of 100 majors, the university has 61 master's majors and 33 doctoral majors. Besides, Waterloo also has a network of links with businesses to provide employment and internship opportunities for students. At Waterloo, students are taught by experienced professors, masters, and doctors, and study and research in the most modern, cutting-edge environment.

The university's mathematics department is one of the world's largest centers of mathematical research dedicated to training and research in mathematics and computer science. Many of our students have won major national and international awards in the fields of Mathematics and computer science. The school has a large variety of courses with more than 180 math and computing classes, and other subjects such as Accounting, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Management Science, Physics for students to choose from.

The University of Waterloo offers a remarkable program of study called "Independent Studies". This is a self-directed study program for students who specialize in a particular subject and students who pursue an interdisciplinary program that is only available in Canada.

Undergraduate and graduate students in all faculties and disciplines can customize their degrees through interdisciplinary courses or sub-themes, specialized subjects. For the graduate level, the Cost Recovery program is specifically designed for working professionals who are unable to attend enough adult sessions. This science makes it possible for students to receive a diploma through attending classes online, studying part-time, or by mail without going to class.

The university also has a partnership program where students can study a certain field or subject in another country. Themes and countries will change periodically or annually.

University of Waterloo tuition fees

University of Waterloo tuition fees vary by subject and program of study. For international students, the average reference tuition fees are as follows: Tuition: For international students, tuition fees vary by subject and level of study.

Tuition fees for students enrolled in bachelor's degree programs range from $8.972 to $24.387/term.

Tuition fees for students enrolled in graduate programs are $6.446-$8.020/semester

Scholarships for international students

The University of Waterloo is a school with many scholarship programs for outstanding students studying at the school. Some of the types of scholarships available to international students include:

Entrance Scholarship for International Students

This is one of the highest value scholarships at the University of Waterloo. Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students who are admitted to a full-time Bachelor's degree program at the university. Conditions to receive the scholarship are students who are admitted to the school and the results from the Euclid Mathematics exam (applicable only to students majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science); results from entrance tests (for students of Accounting and Financial Management). The scholarship amount can be up to $10.000.

HeForSheIMPACT Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to excellent female students matriculating in Science, Technology, and Mathematics. These are majors with a huge difference in the number of male and female students. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must have excellent academic records and meet all school and departmental entry criteria.


For undergraduate programs, applicants need to have graduated from high school and have a TOEFL iBT score of 80 or higher or an IELTS score of 5.0 or higher.

For the graduate program, applicants must have graduated from an undergraduate program and have a TOEFL iBT score of 88 or higher or an IELTS 7.0 or higher.

The University of Waterloo is known as the “most innovative” university in Canada. Waterloo is a university that embodies leadership and innovation to deliver innovative solutions for the future. If you are intending to study in Canada in Mathematics or Computer Science, the University of Waterloo is the perfect choice.

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