Kongju National University Korea

Kongju National University Korea

Kongju National University Korea

Korea is gradually becoming a famous study abroad destination in Asia in particular and the world in general. The national university system in Korea is always on the list of schools that attract the most international students. Among them is Kongju National University - a prominent representative from Central Korea.

1. About Kongju National University

  • School name: Kongju National University
  • Korean name:
  • Type: public
  • Year of establishment: 1948
  • Study in South Korea
  • Address: 182 Shinkwan-dong, Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea

Kongju National University Korea

Kongju National University was established on July 31, 7 with the original name of Kongju Teachers College. In 1948, the school was upgraded to a 1991-year general university. In 4, the school merged with Yesan Agricultural College. In 1992, the school merged with Kongju National University of Culture.

And in 2005, the school merged with Cheonan University of Technology, forming a National University of Kongju National University at the present time. Over 70 years of establishment and development, Kongju National University Korea is the pride of the national university system in particular and the education level in Korea in general with an innovative curriculum. stop, experienced teaching staff.

Currently, the school has 7 affiliated universities, 8 graduate schools, and 99 specialized faculties. In particular, Kongju National University has a cooperative relationship with 150 universities and educational institutions from nearly 50 countries and territories such as: Vietnam, Japan, China, France, Mongolia Ancient, German, Spanish…

Currently, Kongju National University has 3 campuses, located at:

  • Main Campus (Gongju): 56, Gongjudaehak-ro, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam
  • Yesan Campus: 54 Daehak-ro, Yesan-eup, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam
  • Cheonan Campus: 1223-24 Cheonan-daero, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam

2. Curriculum at Kongju National University

2.1. Korean language program

Kongju National University offers a variety of Korean language courses such as: regular university preparatory Korean language program, advanced university preparatory Korean language program, Korean language program, special program separate. It is thanks to this diversity that every year the Korean language course at Kongju National University Korea attracts many international students from inside and outside the region to study.

A Korean language semester at Kongju National University is divided into 2 semesters (20 weeks/semester) with 2 intakes in March and September respectively. The curriculum is divided into 3 levels, from basic to advanced, meeting the diverse needs of students. Experienced faculty in teaching international students will help students quickly familiarize themselves with the progress of studying in Korea.

In addition to the classroom program, students also have the opportunity to participate in many cultural experiences and learn about the Korean calendar every semester. This helps international students quickly get used to the living and studying environment in Korea as well as creating conditions for students to make new friends and support each other during their studies.

Besides the tuition fee of 1.200.000 KRW / term, students also have to pay an additional admission fee: 50.000 KRW and insurance 160.000 KRW / year.

2.2. University program

Kongju National University Korea

2.2.1 Undergraduate Program at Gongju . Campus

School of Education (not accepting international students)

  • Education
  • Korean
  • Chinese Literature
  • Ethics, Information Literature, Commercial Information
  • Special Education
  • Preschool education
  • General social education
  • Pedagogy of Geography, History, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Physical education
  • Art, Music

School of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Language and Literature French, German, English, Chinese
  • History, Geography
  • Economy and Trade
  • Business administration
  • Tourism Management / Tourism and English Translator
  • Social Welfare, Public Administration, Law

School of Natural Sciences

  • Physics and Data Information
  • Applied Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry
  • Geology and Environment
  • Atmospheric Science / Cultural Heritage Conservation Science
  • Life sports education
  • Fashion Design and Trade

School of Health and Nursing

  • Nursing
  • Medical management
  • Emergency Rescue Service
  • Medical information

Art school

  • Video game design
  • Interior design
  • Dance

2.2.2. Undergraduate Program at Yesan . Campus

School of Industrial Science

  • Real estate
  • Community development
  • Plant resources
  • Animal Resources
  • Garden
  • Industrial distribution management
  • Rural construction engineering
  • Smart Farm Technology
  • forestry
  • Landscape architecture
  • Food and nutrition / Catering and nutrition service manager
  • Food Science and Technology

2.2.3. Undergraduate Program at Cheonan Campus

Technical School

Information and Communication Engineering / Computer Science and Engineering

  • Automotive mechanics
  • Automotive engineering of the future
  • Environmental and Construction Engineering
  • Urban systems engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Advanced Materials Engineering
  • Engineering Industrial Design
  • Enviromental engineer
  • Systems and Industrial Engineering
  • Engineering Mold Design

2.3. Graduate program

Kongju National University offers graduate programs for the following majors:

  • General Graduate School
  • Graduate School of Pedagogy
  • Graduate School of Industrial Science, Graduate School of Business Administration & Public Administration
  • Security Graduate School
  • Graduate School of Special Education
  • Cultural Heritage Graduate School
  • College of General Technology

3. Tuition fees at Kongju National University

Kongju National University Korea

3.1. University tuition fees

  • Major in Humanities and Social Sciences: 1,765,000 KRW/term
  • Major in Information Technology: 2,095,000 KRW / term
  • Mathematics major: 1,776,000 KRW/term
  • Natural Science major: 2,106,000 KRW/term
  • Arts and Engineering major: 2,281,000 KRW / term

3.2. Tuition fees for graduate school

  • Major in Humanities and Social Sciences: 2,034,000 KRW/term
  • Geography Major: 2,434,000 KRW/term
  • Natural Science major: 2,434,000 KRW/term
  • Arts and Engineering major: 2,638,000 KRW / term

4. Admission requirements at Kongju National University

4.1. For the Korean program

  • Education level: GPA graduated from 3 years of high school with 6.5 or more
  • Does not require TOPIK

4.2. For university system

  • Education: High school graduate or a program equivalent to high school.
  • Minimum of TOPIK 3 or completion of the Korean language program level 3 at the school's Korean language training institute or any other college or university.

For the English program, students must achieve one of the following certificates: TEPS 60, CEFR B2, IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 530 (CBT 197, iBT 71).

4.3. For graduate program

  • Education level: students must have graduated from an undergraduate degree (for a master's program) and a graduate of a master's program (for a doctoral program).
  • Students who achieve at least TOPIK 3 or complete the Korean language program level 3 at the school's Korean language training institute or any other college or university are eligible if they study the following fields: Systems and Technology Engineering Business, Architecture, Social Education, Business Administration, International Studies, Fine Arts, Lifelong Education.
  • For students majoring in: Food and Nutrition, Social Welfare, Earth Science Pedagogy, History Pedagogy, Special Education, in addition to the above Korean language requirements, students must have add one of the following English certificates: NEW TEPS 326, TEPS 600, TOEIC 700, CEFR B2, IELTS 5.5, TOEFL (PBT 530, CBT 197, iBT 71).
  • For students studying one of the majors in Urban Systems Engineering, Environmental & Construction Engineering, they need to achieve one of the following English certificates: NEW TEPS 326, TEPS 600, TOEIC 700, CEFR B2, IELTS 5.5, TOEFL (PBT 530, CBT 197, iBT 71).

5. Scholarship Program at Kongju National University

Kongju National University Korea

5.1. Undergraduate Scholarship

  • 1st semester scholarships: students are entitled to a 65% discount on semester 1 tuition fees when transferring to the university's university system after completing the Korean language program at the school.
  • GPA-Based Scholarship: Students in the humanities and social sciences will receive a 23% discount on tuition fees, and students in the arts, engineering and natural sciences will receive a 19% discount on tuition fees if their GPA is 3.0 or higher in the previous semester.
  • Merit Scholarship: the scholarship value is up to 616.500 KRW for the social and humanities majors (granted once when students reach TOPIK 1 or higher while studying at the school).
  • There are also many other types of scholarships such as office work scholarships, elite scholarships, etc.

5.1. Graduate Scholarship

  • Research Incentive Scholarship (100% tuition fee waiver): students who are studying at the school with a GPA of over 4.0 in the previous term, achieved TOPIK 5 or higher, won prizes in domestic and foreign exams, published a thesis in a domestic or foreign journal.
  • International Cooperation Scholarship (64% tuition fee waiver): 1 semester allowance for all students who are studying for a master's degree at Kongju National University.

6. Dormitory system at Kongju National University

Kongju National University Korea

Kongju National University currently has 5 dormitories for international students and domestic students, serving more than 4000 students studying at the school. In which, Kongju campus has 6 dormitories with a total student population of 2,765, Yesan campus has 2 dormitories with 584 students and Cheonan campus has 3 dormitories with a total of 1.037 students.

Each room is fully equipped with necessary items such as heating, air conditioning, bed, study table, chair, high speed internet system. Besides, the school also provides many common facilities for students such as: gymnasium, reading room, meeting room, canteen, cafes, convenience store, computer room. International students will have priority in registering in the dormitory.

Costs in Kongju area are as follows:

  • 855.100 – 976.800 KRW/term (2 person room)
  • 805.100 – 855.100 KRW/term (4 person room)

Fees in Yesan area are as follows:

  • 1.216.000 KRW/term (2 person room)
  • 855.100 KRW/term (4 person room)

Cost in Cheonnam area:

  • 712.200 – 962.200 KRW/term (2 person room)

Studying in Korea is becoming increasingly easy as the Korean government increasingly encourages universities to offer scholarships and incentive programs to attract international students. Hopefully, the above article can provide you with a lot of useful information related to Kongju National University, thereby having more options to consider when wishing to study in this East Asian country.

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