Southeast University of Science and Technology

Southeast University of Science and Technology

TungNan University of Science and Technology (TNU/ 東南科技大學) is a university located in Shenkeng District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Formerly Southeast College of Technology was established in August 8. With more than 1970 years of sustainable development, TNU is ranked in the Top one of the best universities in Taiwan, attracting thousands of students each year. thousands of students from all over the world, especially Asian countries.

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Southeast University of Science and Technology

Southeast University of Science and Technology

Basic information

English name: TungNan University of Science and Technology

Chinese name: 東南 科技 大學

Vietnamese name: Southeast University of Science and Technology


Education: specializing in research and other disciplines such as philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, medicine, management, art...

Overview: according to statistics, the university currently has 31.470 students with 15.614 graduate students. The total number of teachers is 2.832, of which 2.314 are PhD teachers and 1.935 professors….

Convenient transportation

Located in New Taipei City (about 101 minutes by bus from Tower 15), a prime location convenient for students to practice, work part-time and easily find long-term jobs after graduation.
When studying at the school, students will be able to use the modern bus system, the stops are reasonably arranged and very convenient near the dormitory.

System of classrooms, modern facilities

The school is assessed to have modern technical facilities with luxurious, polite and modern classrooms to meet the maximum learning needs of students. The classrooms, laboratories, practice rooms with full equipment and facilities help students have the opportunity to participate in research and practice right at the school.

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Clean, beautiful and spacious dormitory

Not only that, the school also has a clean and spacious dormitory system to meet the needs of a large number of students. Students from other countries can register to stay at the university's dormitory, which is extremely convenient. The school also regularly has policies to support students in the dormitory to somewhat reduce difficulties for students.

Education program

The school has 4 institutes divided into 19 faculties with 4 divisions: day class, night class, continuing education class and open education institute. The various study programs are divided as follows:

Academy of Electronic Science and Computer Engineering
• Faculty of Electrical Engineering
• Faculty of Electronic Engineering
• Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering
• Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
• Faculty of construction and space design
• Faculty of Environmental Engineering
• Faculty of Energy - Refrigeration
• Faculty of Mechatronics – Technology

Management Academy
• Faculty of Information Management
• Department management
• Faculty of Industrial Management
• Faculty of tourism and ecotourism
• Faculty of Marketing and Logistics Management

Academy of Applied Science and Life
• Faculty of Applied English
• Faculty of Entertainment Management
• Longing for hotel management
• Faculty of Multimedia Design
• Faculty of Interior Design

Graduate Institute cao
• Institute of Mechanical Engineering
• Institute of Construction Technology
• Institute of Electrical Engineering
• Institute of Industrial Management

Admission conditions

  • Male and female, aged 18-28, graduated from high school or higher.
  • GPA of 3 years of high school is 5.5 or higher.
  • Certificate of Chinese Language TOCFL 1 or higher.
  • No criminal record, criminal record, good health.
  • Received workers from Taiwan.

Estimated tuition fee

  • 100% tuition fee waiver for semester 1
  • From semester 2 to semester 8 onwards: each semester pay NT$46,240 (~ VND 35,142,400)
  • Dormitory fee:
    Semester 1: 100% discount
    From 2nd to 8th semester: only NT$6000/semester (7 person room) (~ VND 4.560.000 ) NT$ 9,750/semester (4 person room) (~ VND 7.410.000 ).

Cost of studying in Taiwan of the school is assessed as average suitable for many classes of students. The school also has a lot of student support policies such as tuition fee waiver for the first semester and many different scholarships. With such a tuition fee, international students can easily study without having to worry about the amount of money to contribute. Moreover, while studying at the school, students also have the opportunity to participate in part-time jobs to earn extra income to cover their lives.

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  • Year 1: Each student will be arranged a job with a salary of NT$11.000/month ~ NT$12.000/month (~ VND 8.360.000 – VND 9.120.000)
  • From year 2 to year 4:
    + Faculty of Hotel and Restaurant Management: Students practice and work with an attractive salary of NT$22.000/month (~ VND 16.720.000).
    + Faculty of Electronics: Students practice and work with a salary of NT$24.400/month (~VND18.544.000)

Thus, it can be seen that when studying at the school, students have many opportunities to study and earn extra income. With such an income, in the process of studying and working, it will partly help the children to solve the problems of costs.

After completing the course at the school, students will have many job opportunities. With the knowledge and skills trained at the school, students will confidently step in their career path. Holding a diploma from the Southeast University of Science and Technology, you can easily apply for a job. Even at large companies, multinational corporations you will easily get a job.

Moreover, the students studying here also have many opportunities to work for the companies where they intern. In the process of studying, learning both theory and practice will help you be more confident and easier to apply for a job.

Southeast University of Science and Technology is an ideal school for students who want to study in Taiwan while studying and working. Here, you are not only equipped with solid knowledge for future work, but you also have the opportunity to work part-time to earn extra income to cover life.

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